Earthquake in Pakistan

On October 8, 2005, Pakistan’s northern areas and Azad Kashmir were struck by series of devastating jolts of Earthquake measuring a severe 7.6 on the Richter scale. Instantly thousands died and houses shattered, men, women and children buried alive under the fallen debris, many crying desperately from below the rubble to be saved while still clinging to life. UN officials call it a calamity larger than the Tsunami that hit last year in the Indian Ocean.

According to official estimates losses in life and property consists of Quake death toll: 86,000, Serious injured: 70,000, Homeless: 3.3 million.

MKR Foundation’s Pukaar responding to this massive humanitarian crisis mobilized its resources once again and organized a campaign for collecting relief goods through its well-knit network. Effective appeals are being made through publications of the Jang Group and Geo TV. Pukaar till date through its continuing efforts has been able to distribute goods worth several million rupees among the calamity stricken people. More than 500 volunteers are engaged in collecting relief items and cash round-the-clock in cities, towns, and villages all over the country.

Till date MKRF-Pukaar has distributed 323 truck loads of relief goods to the main affected areas.
Tsunami in the Indian Ocean

On December 26, 2004 a massive earthquake turned into a wall of water waves called tsunami created havoc and devastation beyond imagination in countries Indonesia, Thailand, Sri-Lanka, India, and Bangladesh. Entire coastal population wiped out in few minutes with an estimated death toll of more than 200,000, thousands missing, more than 5 million homeless, millions vulnerable to diseases. With the survivors left to fight a battle of life and death since every thing these people had was lost in this devastation.

MKRF’s Pukar responded immediately and launched a massive campaign named PUKAR through its media Affiliates the Jang Group and GEO TV to rescue and provide Aid to these disaster stricken countries and their unfortunate people. The foundation unleashing a string of fund raising campaigns included airing 4 –hour long telethon transmission on GEO TV, organized Walkathon, opened its resources to receive material relief and many other ways to encourage people to donate for the victims. Through the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Shukat Aziz MKRF donated 40 million rupees collected from the general public to the Sri Lankan Government whose country was the most affected